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On these pages you will find details of all the services offered at Heinrich Heine University to help you with writing.

Written work is an integral part of academic studies, yet often students have the feeling that they are left rather on their own when they have to produce a piece of written work. Many are familiar with the sense of panic when faced with an empty page or Word document or the feeling of insecurity when having to develop a suitable topic for a term paper or final thesis. Formulating a scientific text in English is not easy either. Pleasure and pain are sometimes not far apart when it comes to writing! This website can help you to find a way out of this predicament or even avoid it altogether. It will guide you to the University’s Writing Assistance Programme which is specially tailored to your own individual needs. Simply click your way through the pages!

So what is on offer?

So what is on offer?

As we offer a very wide range of different types of programmes, we aim to make the various services clear by categorizing them according to different target groups. We distinguish between three groups/services, which are not, however, mutually exclusive:

International students
This offer is intended especially to help persons whose native language is not German. Assistance is provided here since scientific writing in a foreign language is often particularly challenging!

Faculty-specific support for students
Take a look at what help your faculty can give you!

All students at HHU
These services are offered across all faculties, which does not, however, necessarily mean that they cannot be subject-specific. Here you can find what range of services are on offer – from individual advice in an emergency to courses in scientific writing in the field of molecular biology and more!

Please note

The formats presented in the Writing Portal are always in German. Exceptions are indicated separately.

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